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About Tokyoite’s Note

Concept of the site:

Tokyoite’s note is the informative site of Japanese culture, places and people’s life in Japan, introducing the views of a “undiscovered Japan” to you. It shows you what may be known to Japanese people, but possibly not so popular outside Japan.

The outlines of categories are as follows.


Things related to seasons, scene, events and what is in fashion in Japan.


Popular places in Japan, mainly in Tokyo or nearby cities.


Cultural things which lie behind the life of Japanese people and somewhat effect the behavior of Japanese.


Key words which explains what Japanese people feel, think and act in their daily life


The ideas, concept or philosophy invented or developed in Japan, which is involved in the way of business or daily life.

Operation of Tokyoite’ Note

The  operation of the  “Tokyoite’ note” is done by the  non-profit voluntary members named the Tokyoite’s note secretariat living in Tokyo and Yokohama,  Japan.

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  1. Dear, friends who visited this site and left kind comments to it,

    Thank you for your visiting and viewing this site.
    If you are interested in some Japanese things, let me know.

    Takai (Kapa)—Tokyoite’s Note Secretariat

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