A Story of a Mediocre Japanese Boy Who Loved PPM’s Rock’n’Roll and Folk Songs

You will find a novel and essays in this book.
The novel here is the story based on the very personal experience of a certain man who has lived more than sixty years. It may not be a dramatic story, but it is a heartwarming one that describes the life of Japanese boy of Tokyo in the late sixties.
In those days every student in the junior high school surely loved American or European pop songs.
The times setting of this novel is approximately 45 years ago in Tokyo, Japan. A chief character is a 14-year-old junior high student.
In those days, songs sung in foreign languages such as English, French or Italian were categorized as a “yogaku” in Japan, which means foreign songs. (American or European pop songs are still called so now in Japan.) Such kinds of music were hardly broadcasted by the TV program. So the junior high students who had begun to learn English at school listened enthusiastically to the radio to hear the yogaku.
This novel was written to express the atmosphere in such good old times. Please enjoy Japan of the Showa era.

Essays on Japanese foods were written on the basis of the author’s personal preference. The essays tell about the cheap everyday foods that most people enjoy. These foods are called “B class” gourmet in Japanese. Izakaya is the good place to enjoy such kinds of side dishes for drinks. Yaki-imo, that is the sweet potatoes baked with pebbles, are very popular, but to our regret, nowadays it is difficult to find the yaki-imo seller on the street.
Curry and rice might have been the champion dish over decades. It is popular too much, so people may sometimes forget its great existence.
Other essays are about the several aspects on the Japanese behaviors and customs, which represent Japanese culture or way of thinking. These tales might be interesting for the Japanese culture observers. The titles are tatakiuri, enthusiasm for study of blood types, omotenashi, and The medicine peddler from Toyama.

Those are the articles which had been on the website called Tokyoite’s Note (http://tokyoite-chk.com/). The purpose of the website is to provide the information to the world about Japanese culture which is popular among Japanese people but may be not so well known worldwide. The articles of website are written in typical Japanese English.
Please enjoy the tastes of Japan.

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