Tokyoite’s Diary—Spring is the season for cherry blossom viewing.

 Spring is the season for cherry blossom viewing.
From the end of March thrugh to  the end of April, Japan is in the season of hanami, that is cherry blossom viewing.  Everybody holds a kind home party, spreading the sheets on the ground under the cherry trees. And everybody seems slightly drunk, and sings or dances while the petals of cherry blossom are falling.
In this party, everyone is happy, but in fact it is still cold outside on the days of spring.  Therefore recently some people enjoy so called shadow cherry blossom viewing, I heard.  That means hanami inside the house.
But then, for those who like enjoying sake, it may not matter whether they drink outside or inside.
Anyway hanami is the good occasion to strengthen the bonds between the people in the family , workplace or the friends.
the spring in Japan passes in such a very peaceful way.



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