How to have a meal in Japanese restaurants

For convenience for your walk in Tokyo, I like to provide you some basic information that might help you when you walk around in Tokyo alone.
The information is based on my private experience that I had when I was walking in towns of Tokyo with my friends from foreign countries.

How to have a meal in Japanese restaurants

Sometime, for those who do not speak Japanese, it is a little embarrassing to make orders in Japanese restaurant where no one understands foreign languages and is not accustomed to customers from foreign countries. Recently the number of restaurants increases, which have the menu in English. But yet sometimes there are some restaurants which have no menus in English at all.
So, it is better to ask person of the restaurant whether they have menus in English or whether they understand what you say in English. Here are examples of Japanese expression to use on that occasion.

Eigo no menew wa arimasu ka. (Do you have a menu in English?)
Eigo wa dai joubu desu ka. (Can you understand English?)

When you enter a restaurant which has automatic ticket vending machines, buy a meal ticket first from the machine before you sit down at counter or table. And sit down at the seat, putting the meal ticket on counter or on your table, and wait for waitress or waiter to come. Or more directly, call out to waitress or waiter and hand it to them.

And when you leave the restaurant and like to pay your account,  you can say;

O-ikura desuka ( How much is it?)                                                         O-ikura ni nari masuka (How much is the amount?)

You can use these phrases when you buy something as well.

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