Unique way to call the name of company in Japan

There is a very unique way to call the name of company in Japan.

Japanese people working in the companies sometimes call other company as if it were human. They put Japanese word “san” on other company’s name. So, the company whose name is XYZ Company is sometimes called as XYZ-san. I cannot find any official explanation for this. But I understand well why, because I always did that way when working in the Japanese company.

There is a reason.

Japanese think that it is impolite not to use “san” when they call people’s name. And it is true even if it is company’s name. It is because Japanese tend to consider company just like person who has personality. Naturally it is a right and polite way to add the word “san” to other company’s name.

This personification of calling name of the company is used mainly when the personnel of the company is actually in front of the speaker. If there is none of the company around, the suffix “san” is less used. So it can be said that this way of explaining courtesy is of unofficial nature.

Japanese call these stone statues Ojizo-san, which resemble children.


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