Tokyoite’s Diary-May Disease

Well, here in Japan, we are in May, just as the same as everywhere in the world. May in Japan is a very comfortable time to live.

Recently many people have visited Japan from many countries of the world. Last year over 24 million people came to Japan. I’d like to recommend people all over the world to visit Japan on May and October. They are the very good months of the year for visiting Japan.

By the way, here in Japan, the words of May disease (blues) exist. In japan, the new fiscal year starts in April for the most schools, governmental offices or businesses. So people who have great motivation for the new environments but cannot adjust themselves to it may have the symptom similar to melancholy. It is called gogatsu-byou or May disease.

When you get May disease, you cannot sleep well. And you feel tired, have no appetite, want to do nothing or want to have no relationships with anyone.

It is often said that the best remedy for the disease is to get relaxed, trying not to be stressed.

Even in the beautiful spring days, some Japanese people suffer mentally because of this illness particular to this season.

Viewing sumo tournament is surely one of the good ways to get relaxed.




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