Tokyoite’s Diary-Tsuyu is the rainy season in June.

Genpei pond in Tsuroga Hachiman-gu in Kamakura


It is June. It is the rainy season called tsuyu in Japan. This is because a seasonal rain front is generated and stays in the vicinity of the Japanese Islands up to the middle of June.

During the rainy season, it does not always rain, but the cloud hangs low. And the temperature gradually rises, and the humidity rises, too. Of course it is not a good season for the people here. Mold spreads and the food becomes rotten.

However, the people do not hate this season essentially. Tsuyu is somewhat tasteful. The hydrangea blooms and a snail crawls over the trees and plants peacefully. And more practically, if it were dry in this season, people would face the shortage of water in city.

We would have a poor harvest of rice and other agriculture crops in autumn without rain in tsuyu– so called kara-tsuyu. Therefore, tsuyu in this rainy season is very important.

Besides these reasons, there is a reason why Japanese do not dislike tsuyu so much. After the very much rain in the middle of July, the clouds go away and the blue sky appears. The hot summer begins!

Japanese love these accents that can be felt when the seasons change.

Rice Fealds in Yokohama

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