Why don’ we walk in Tokyo?-Harajuku Omote-sando Street

Why don’t we walk in Harajuku?.

This August has been rainy and sometimes very hot.That is, it’s been very humid. On August 23, in Harajuku Tokyo, it was almost cloudy and rained sometimes. Many people was walking in the sidewalk of the Omote-sando street, though.

The word of omote-sando means the way that leads to the sinto shrines or the Buddhist temples.This Omote-sando in Harajuku is the street where there are many fascinating stores displaying the newest fashionable items for people to enjoy window shopping. But it surely leads to a sacred place, a shrine called Meiji-jingu.So, people walking in the rain were approaching Meiji-jingu Shrine, even if they didn’t know the destination very clearly.

Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/wfs4e2uMnqn



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