Tokyoite’s Diary (Oct. 2017)- What Japanese feel the autumn atmosphere most.

Koyo is the red autumn leaves. It means the red or yellow leaves that can be viewed in October or November in Japan. And they have the splendid color. So, Japanese enjoy those autumn leaves.

There is a famous Japanese words, the words used in the area of meteorology. An autumn leaves front line. It shows where the changing colors of leaves is occurring now. .

This front line moves from the north to the south that is from the colder area to the hotter area.

There are many places where you can enjoy the koyo in Japan, not only in the countryside but also in the urban area. The typical tree that has red leaves is maple and that has the yellow leaves is gingko tree. But other than those trees, you see the many leaves turn to yellow and red ones in the autumn sunlight.

This is the sign that Japanese get to know now is the time in the middle of autumn.