Omatsuri-The Festival

Omatsuri is the Japanese word for festival. Originally that was a ritual to worship the deity, appreciating the good harvest of the year and praying for another abundant crops of the next year.

Nowadays the religious meaning has become less and it is taken as the annual event for the amusement for the people in local. So, naturally it is held by local government or the regional unions of habitants of the area called cho-naikai, in many cases.

The venues of the festival are precincts of shrines or temples. The small stands sell cheap foods or goods there.

Sometimes we see mikoshi at the time of fesival. Mikoshi is a moving shrine which is carried on the shoulders of strong man or sometimes by women. These people wear the happi coat on their bared body and put hachimaki around their head.

And they call out “Wasshoi Wasshoi” when carrying the mikoshi to mark time and encourage each other. The mikoshi moves around inside the town.

Anyway that is the moment that even timid and conservative Japanese have the very motivated sprit. They don’t know why, but the feeling that they share the motivated feeling with everyone under the mikoshi makes them motivated even more.In calling out voice of “Wasshoi”.

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