Tokyoite’s Diary (Dec. 2017)- December is the busiest month on Japanese people’s mind anyhow.

Now it is December in Japan. It is the same as elsewhere in the world.

In Japan, December is called shi-wasu. Shi means a Buddhism monk or person who takes care of the pilgrims in the shinto shrine. Wasu is the Chinese character that means run. Therefore shi-wasu means the season when even those people of sacred profession must run because they are too busy.

Anyway, whatever it is in fact, most Japanese feel busy at this time of the year. And Japanese people might say to themselves, “This year will come to an end soon. What in the world happened? I must do something to compensate the lost time.” So, they become busy truly without much reason at the period of year’s end and New Year’s Eve, anyhow. Even if spending New Year’s Eve all by themselves, they will be satisfied with the atmosphere that they are busy as well as the rest of the society.

However, there are also people who enrich their feelings in the festive atmosphere from the end of the year to the New Year. These people love festivities, enjoying the New Year’s day,the biggest festival of the year.

I was travelling to Osaka and Kyoto and took some pictures there.

Sanju-sangen-do in Kyoto

Doton-bori in Osaka

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