The Waterside

sumida river

I arrive at the Sumida River after walking from Asakusa Kaminari-mon Gate for around ten minutes. The Sumida River may be the river which people in Tokyo love most.

A big fireworks display is held on the both sides of this river every summer. Boats for the sightseeing go up and down the river. And the people enjoy viewing cityscapes of Tokyo which extend on the both side of the river.

Across the bridge, I go to the Tokyo Sky Tree of the highest communications tower in the world.

Posted on 18th Jan.




This is the photograph of a motorboat moored at in Yokohama Port.
It was  somehow comfortable morning.
The spring sea has a leisurely atomosphere, too.

Posted on 6th Mar.



This picture shows the view of Tokyo bay seen from Odaiba in the direction of  the center of Tokyo.
It was warm winter afternoon. I felt that  the spring is near here in Tokyo, because the  warm breeze blew from nowhere.



These are the fountains in front of the National Science Museum of Ueno
There were few people.
But the fountains were shining in the evening sunset.

Posted on 8th Feb.




This is  Ebisu.
There is an art object on the  water beside a building of an excellent beer company.
It is a refreshing place with an atmosphere that makes us feel everything in order.

Posted on 4th Feb.




This is a fountain in front of Yokohama Stadium.
On the day when they play baseball game, this place is  full of people who came to watch the game.
Water shines on the winter day .

Posted on 20th Jan.



This is the photograph which I took on the train road of Yokohama.
The surface of the canal is always calm.
Very large Ferris wheel can be seen in the distance.


Posted on 7th Jan.



It is Ikebukuro West Gate Park here that  is famous for novel and TV drama.
This fountain that people gather around in the summer  seems to be slightly lonely  in winter.

Posted on 13th Dec.



This is the view of an autumn pond in Japanese style garden and the tall building. The picture was taken in the Shinjuku Gyoen Park.

Posted on 4th Dec.



Shinjiku Gyoen changes its face in every season. This is a scenery of the park in late autumn. We can see the wabi and sabi, Japanese sense of beauty in it.

Posted on 3rd Dec.



Monorail cars are passing each other on the rail high above the canal at  Shibaura in Tokyo.

Posted on Nov.30th




A big boat is sailing slowly and calmly in the Sumida River.We watch the cruise between the trees of Japanese garden of Hama Rikyu.

Posted on 25th Nov.



This is the waterside of Hamarikyu. The sea bus of the Sumida river comes in and goes out through the gate. The Sumida river runs outside of the gate.



Toyosu is one of the water front town, which is reclaimed land. The photo was taken in the place called Urban Dock, where people can ride on water bus.



Yokohama is located near City of Tokyo around 30minutes away by train. The port of Yokohama is a part of Tokyo Bay.


The Doton-bori in Osaka


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